Since 2004, Days of Madagascar to UNESCO became the main annual dating of Malagasy culture lovers!

24th-25th of june 2004 (first edition) : « Art and Malagasy heritage»
Exhibition : Painting, sculptures, handcrafts, Malagasy landscape and daily life photos.
Show : Traditional dancing, songs and music, fashion show
20th-21st of june 2005 (2sd edition) : « Man and heritage »
Exhibition : The woodcrafting knowledge of the Zafimaniry
Show : Rija Rakotomalala, Gary Rakotoarivony, San’ja, Duet TOUVE R.Ratovondrahety and Justin Vali
Participants : Mrs. Patricia Rasoazanamalala, in charge of Intangible heritage at Ministry of Culture
29th -30th of june 2006 (3rd edition) : « In the feminine heritage »
Exhibition : headgear and finery in Madagascar
Show : piano concert,headgear and finery show, Jazz concert
Participants : Alliance Internationale des femmes de France et de Madagascar, Hagamainty and Hasina Andriamanalina, Mahery Andrianaivoravelona, Trio Jeanot Rabeson and Ella Rabeson
28th-29th of june 2007 (4th edition) : « Musical instruments and dancing from Madagascar »
Exhibition : Musical instruments from Madagascar
Show : Music and dancing « Sing, ô Valiha ! Dance sparrowhawk »
Participants : Dadagaby, Solorazaf, Justin Vali, Faffa and Lamako
26th-27th of june 2008 (5th edition) : « Environment : Madagascar naturally »
Exhibition : commented photos on wealth, fragility, protection and conservation of natural heritage in Madagascar
Show : music, dancing and environment showing films
Participants : The Ministry of Environment-of Water and Forest and Tourism, Tha National parks of Madagascar(PNM-ANGAP), l’Association Meja and the photographer Sylvain Ralaivaohita, Edgard Ravahatra, Olombelo Ricky, Faffa and Fenoamby, Claudia Solofolandy and Baovola Fidison
2sd-3rd of july 2009 (6th edition) : « Madagascar, Multifaceted land »
Exhibition : Mother language, Education in Madagascar, contemporary culture.
Show : music, songs and dancing from the North, the centre and South of Madagascar
Participants : Sébastien Oswald, Lilie Razafimaharavo Legloannec, Pierrot Men, Aina Quach, Nono, Hanta, Dodol Océan and Toto Mwandjani.
1st-2sd of july 2010 (7th edition) : « Madagascar between tradition and modernity »
Exhibition : different Malagasy artistic expressions then and nowadays: works of poet and writer Jean Joseph Rabearivelo, painting graffiti and The woodcrafting knowledge of the Zafimaniry-inscribed on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity .
Show : living up by representatives of the artistic diversity of Madagascar.
Participants : Lova Ratsimandresy, Root’Art group, Ny Malagasy Orkestra, Dr Daniel Coulaud, Mrs Vahinala
9th-10th of june 2011 (8th edition) : « Malagasy people, Masters of the Word »
Exhibition : different Malagasy languages heritage: Kabary, Ohabolana, Angano and Beko. History of Antananarivo.
Show : living up by representatives of the artistic diversity of Madagascar.
Participants : Akon'Iarivo, Fimpima Frantsa, Havatsa UPEM Frantsa, Lalatiana Quintet, Toto Mwandnjani, ASSIMIL, Air Madagascar, Henri Rahaingoson, Lova Ratsimandresy .

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